Property Pricing: Get it Right
Naturally, every vendor wants to achieve the maximum value for their home. It’s easy to look at valuations online – but they don’t give a true reflection of the price you can achieve
24% Rise in London Property Value by 2027
Currently, political and economic uncertainty have fuelled a stall in market value, with average house value increases of just 0.37% per month. However – new research from eMoov shows that, even
Property Improvement Trends
New research shows that higher home value doesn’t always bring home happiness.
The Downsizing Dilemma
It’s true – 70 is the new 50! Our population is ageing and retirees are staying active for longer. Many people plan to downsize in order to release capital to fund their retirement.
What Landlords Fear The Most
A new survey by landlord insurer Direct Line reveals the biggest concerns for landlords in the UK. With such fast moving, uncertain times, the results give a realistic appreciation of what landlords a
Attention Landlords - read this Legionella Disease fact sheet...
Small drops of contaminated water can cause Legionnaires' - a pneumonia-like disease. It is compulsory for landlords to