Protecting Your Home
In the last year, burglary claims dropped by 8%. However busy urban areas remain the biggest targets for theft. Do you know your rights when protecting your home?   Firstly, be reas
5 Ways to Retain Great Tenants
The secret to successful letting is to retain good tenants. Great long term tenants mean reliable rental income and minimum void periods – ideal for any landlord.
Rental Trends - What's Next?
According to industry data, an additional 1.8 million households will come to rely on the UK’s private rental sector by 2025, with renters comprising a growing proportion of the population. As a
Property Pricing: Get it Right
Naturally, every vendor wants to achieve the maximum value for their home. It’s easy to look at valuations online – but they don’t give a true reflection of the price you can achieve
24% Rise in London Property Value by 2027
Currently, political and economic uncertainty have fuelled a stall in market value, with average house value increases of just 0.37% per month. However – new research from eMoov shows that, even
Property Improvement Trends
New research shows that higher home value doesn’t always bring home happiness.